2017 Stewardship Campaign

Overflowing with Thanksgiving to God

We are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share. 1 Timothy 6:18


It's one of those big church words, put simply – it's about God's giving of blessings, and how we respond with thanksgiving through the giving of our lives. On this site you can information about how MPC uses its money for ministry and how you can participate in its many mission and ministry opportunities. May the Lord bless you for your glad and generous hearts! 

Click the image above to download the entire stewardship brochure.

Click the image above to download the entire stewardship brochure.

2017 Electronic Payments

Are you interested having your pledge paid automatically?  Electronic payments through a deduction from your bank account are available.  Complete and sign the authorization form and return it to the church office along with a voided check or savings deposit slip.

Download the Electronic Payments Form

2017 Pledge Commitment Card

It is the tradition at MPC to hand in a pledge commitment card every year.  Knowing our budget in advance helps the elders plan the annual budget. Pledges are not legal obligations. This commitment may be changed at any time due to revised life circumstances.

Make a 2017 Pledge

The 52 Club is a new and easy way to give to the church. As a member, you give at least $1 per week to the ministry of the church for 52 weeks.

How to become a member
Step One: Take a membership card from the front of a 52 Club box.
Step Two: Put at least $1 in that box for the next 52 weeks.
Step Three: Congratulate yourself on your 52 Club membership and knowing that YOU are making a difference at MPC!