Advance Concepts Grant

The Advance Concepts Committee provides grants and seed money for new projects or programs for our church or for the community. To be eligible for a grant, an applicant must fill out the form below, making sure to follow all of the following guidelines.

  1. The applicant must demonstrate how their organization's endeavor supports the seven-fold mission of Memorial Presbyterian Church to worship God, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to prepare disciples for ministry, to preserve the Truth of God, to provide shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship, to promote social righteousness, and to demonstrate the Kingdom of God to the world.
  2. The applicant must make it clear if the grant will provide seed money for new MPC-sponsored programs or if the grant will provide funds for local community projects that support the mission of MPC. Local community projects need not be faith-based.
  3. If the grant is not for an MPC-sponsored program, then the money must be used within the local community.
  4. Grants are not intended to provide ongoing support for established projects.
  5. All grants must have the support of a person or a group associated with MPC.
  6. No grants will be given to individuals.
  7. Multiple year grants will be considered.
  8. All requests should be submitted two weeks prior to a scheduled Advance Concepts Committee meeting. The Advance Concepts Committee meets bimonthly to review grant requests. It will likely be necessary for a representative to be present at a Committee meeting to answer questions and provide further information. In 2017 the Committee will meet on the following dates at 5:00 p.m. at the church office.

April 11,    June 13,    August 8,    October 10,    December 12

Approval Process:  Final approval of grant requests requires two distinct steps. First, the Advance Concepts Committee must approve the request. Then the request must receive the approval of the Session, which is a body of pastors and elected elders that are responsible for the governance of Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Click here to access the grant form.