Application for Use of Building

Thank you for your interest in Memorial Presbyterian for your next event or program. In order to be considered for building use, please complete and submit the electronic form below. Or if you prefer, you may click here to download a printable form and submit to Leah Ware. Please click here to carefully review our building use policies and pricing.

Application for building use must be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the requested date of use. Each application is carefully reviewed by a committee designated by the Trustees of the church. Waiving or reduction of fees may be considered for members and affiliated non-profit groups and organizations, based on the criteria listed in the guidelines for determining and allocating use of facilities (see building use policies). This is determined on a case by case basis and any reduction of fees would be considered an in-kind donation on behalf of Memorial Presbyterian Church.

After your form has been submitted and reviewed, you will be given notification of your approval status. If approved you will receive a detailed invoice and a 50 percent deposit will be required to book your event. You  will have one week from the date of approval to submit your deposit or room availability will not be assured. Full payment is required on or before the day of use.


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*Please see the downloadable file (found at the top of this page) for pricing and policies. You will need to check "yes" in order to be considered for building use.