Two Memorial Benches Added to Columbarium Site

If you have not noticed the Columbarium’s recent additions, you may want to glance out a window of the sanctuary to see them or stroll outside and see them up close. Two memorial benches have been added in memory of William “Bill” Bridge and Jerry Maxson. They also happen to be brothers-in-law.

Bill and Jerry were true servants of the Lord.  Whenever we hear the hymns and bells playing in the church tower, we will be reminded of Bill. The bells will also be part of the services held within the Columbarium, as they were for both Bill and Jerry’s services. Whenever we look at the first Columbarium brochure, as well as so many other artistic contributions which will always remain part of MPC, we will remember Jerry and his many gifts.

Jerry is interred in the Memorial Garden and a plaque on the Memorial Wall is engraved with his name and a rose. Bill is inurned in the Columbarium, indicated by the engraving on the granite faceplate.

Notice also the large plaque centered on the Memorial Wall is in honor of the donor family who funded and made the Columbarium possible. Their generosity has provided a service and comfort to MPC church members who choose to use the Columbarium or Memorial Garden as their end of life choice.

You may also notice the plaque in honor of Charles E. Strosacker, placed there for the Arnold family, who provided the funding for the bronze Cross in the center of the Memorial Garden, created by David Morrison. It was designed to complement the Cross in the sanctuary.

For those who have made other end of life arrangements but would still like to be remembered as part of the MPC “church family”, it is possible to place a remembrance plaque on the Memorial Wall with your name(s) engraved on it.

Since the dedication of the Columbarium on October 12, 2014, it is gratifying to know how many MPC members have made the Columbarium and the Memorial Garden their end of life choice.

Columbarium Application Process

Download the application form and email it to Leah or bring it into the Memorial Presbyterian Church office.  Once all approvals and payment have been made, you will receive a "right to inurn" certificate. 

Additional Columbarium Documents

Columbarium Rules for Use

Columbarium Certificate of Right to Inurn

Have a question about the Columbarium? Email Leah or call 989-835-6759.

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