Local Ministries

MPC is invested in our community. Located in the heart of Midland, our church is committed to helping our neighbors in need. We are always looking for volunteers, so please get involved. Or maybe you need a helping hand? Perhaps we can help!

Need help with food this month?  Click on this link to contact the Midland County Emergency Food Network.

Need help with food this month?  Click on this link to contact the Midland County Emergency Food Network.

H.E.L.P. Food Pantry

MPC's food pantry works with the Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network (EFPN), a nonprofit organization that coordinates eight local pantries. Our pantry operates on a "you pick" basis. Clients work through the EFPN to make an appointment to come in and choose a week's worth of items based on the size of their families. People interested in help must contact the EFPN directly. You can do that by calling 989-486-9393 or by clicking on the blue picture on the right.

Our food pantry is always looking for support. How can you help? There are some surprisingly simple ways that everyone can help fight hunger in Midland.

  1. Give your time as an afternoon volunteer to distribute food at the pantry.
  2. Bring food, canned or commercially packaged, to the church. Unfortunately the pantry cannot accept most perishable items, home-canned or homemade goods, swollen or rusty cans, or open packages.  Please include the donor's name with the donation.
  3. Donate money. You can designate your financial gift for the purchase of supplies or contribute to the new Endowment Fund through the EFPN website.
  4. Shop for your own groceries after enrolling in the Kroger Community Rewards program.  (You must re-enroll every year for this program. Our number is 91387.)
  5. Or, when it's hunting season, drop off your deer at the Chippewa Nature Center. The venison will be processed and distributed to those in need. Information is available by calling 989-835-9601.

Please consider helping the HELP Food Pantry and the EFPN fight the growing problem of hunger in Midland. Each year our volunteers help over 4000 people get enough to eat, but there are many more that could be helped. Interested individuals can email Carol Macartney at Carymac1@aol.com.

Emergency Assistance Fund

MPC provides a small amount of money to people who are facing a financial emergency. Money is given out every month on a first-come, first-served basis. Usually the church is out of funds after the first week of the month. The largest amount we award is $150. People are only eligible to receive help from us once every twelve months.

Applicants need to come into the church and fill out an application. The applications are reviewed by our Deacons. They contact the applicants and ask the necessary questions. They will then tell applicants if they are approved and for how much. The money is then sent from the church directly to the relevant agency (landlord, utility company, etc.).

If you are interested in donating money to the Emergency Assistance Fund, or if you need a little help, please stop by the church office, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Saginaw East Side Soup Kitchen

On the third Wednesday of the month, a group from MPC travels together to Saginaw to prepare and serve lunch in the East Side Soup Kitchen.  To volunteer, contact Nancy Richey (umichrich@aol.com).

Grief Recovery Group

Twice a year, MPC hosts a free recovery group for any adults in the community -- both members and nonmembers -- who are experiencing grief due to death, illness, job loss, or divorce. The grief can be from a recent loss or a prolonged situation. Each session is facilitated by Nan Spence, a professional counselor and nurse associated with Catholic Family Services of Saginaw. The groups meet over the summer (mid-June through early August) and over Advent (mid-November through early January) when grief can be particularly difficult for many people and support systems can be less available. There is no fee, but group size is limited so early registration is wise. Contact the church office for more information.

To apply or volunteer for Operation Fun, contact the North Midland Family Center.

To apply or volunteer for Operation Fun, contact the North Midland Family Center.

Operation Fun

Begun over twenty years ago by MPC teenagers, Operation Fun offers free summer camp for every child through the North Midland Family Center. Camp includes games, crafts, music, field trips, and Christian teaching.  Lunch is provided daily.