Faith Community Nurse

Faith Community Nursing (FCN) is the intentional integration of the practice of faith with the practice of nursing, helping community members achieve wholeness in, with, and through the faith in which FCN nurses serve.

At MPC the Faith Community Nurse visits members who are in local hospitals, rehab centers, assisted living homes, and long-term care facilities. Home visits are made upon request. Personal health counseling and phone support is provided for those working through an extended medical concern. To contact us or request help, click here.

The FCN program began May 1, 2012, as a part-time position funded by the generous donation of the Dirk Waltz Memorial Fund and administered by the MPC Board of Deacons.

Faith Community Nursing is a specialty operating under the Scope and Standards for this practice approved by the American Nurses Association. The focal point of this specialty is on the whole person while promoting wellness, disease prevention, health education, and healthy spirituality. Faith Community Nursing recognizes health as a journey toward well-being incorporating the interrelationship of body, mind, and spirit. The Faith Community Nurse ministry at MPC works with individuals by assessing their health care needs and educating the faith community while utilizing community health resources.

For more information about Faith Community Nursing as a ministry and specialty, follow this link.

Meet your Faith Community Nurses

Stephanie Spence, BSN, RN, has worked in the Great Lakes Bay area since 1981. Her experience includes ED, occupational health, home health care, and hospice involvement.

Kellie Froelicher, BSN, RN, assists the MPC program during the winter months. She has experience in ICU, CCU, cardiac rehab, and MMMC staff education.