Pet Ministry

Pet Ministry meets the needs of the congregation and their pets. God has given us dominion over the animals of the earth and has challenged us to take care of them. God also expects us to be in love and charity with our neighbors, meeting the needs of others whenever possible. With God’s directives in mind, Pet Ministry provides three specific services to the congregation and their pets:

1. Grief Support When Pets Die
Pet Ministry recognizes that pets play a vital role in the lives of individuals and families, and the loss of a pet is emotionally traumatic for both children and adults. We realize that the issue of pet loss and bereavement is similar to human loss, but unique in many ways. Society typically offers little support for one who grieves the death of a pet and many people must suffer silently. Our goal is to reduce that suffering by providing grief support to families and individuals in a caring Christian environment.

2. Assistance in Times of Crisis
Imagine for a moment that you suddenly find yourself in the hospital or have a medical condition and can not care for your pet. How do you manage? Pet Ministry works to find temporary solutions to emergency circumstances and will assist with finding in-home care for up to three weeks. It is the goal of the ministry to minimize the stress associated with pet care during times of personal crisis and to ensure that the animal receives the best care possible.

3. Funeral Care
We understand that funerals happen unexpectedly and that travel is sometimes required. Pet Ministry provides care for your pets allowing you worry-free travel to be with your loved ones.

How Does it Work?
Church members looking for assistance can contact Pet Ministry, the Faith Community Nurse, or church office to be put on the care list. Upon request a Pet Ministry volunteer will contact you with more information.

For more information about Pet Ministry, contact Lynne at, Mike Hayes at, or the church office at 989-835-6759.

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