2017 Pledge Commitment Card

It is the tradition at MPC to hand in a pledge commitment card every year.  Knowing our budget in advance helps the elders plan the annual budget. Pledges are not legal obligations. This commitment may be changed at any time due to revised life circumstances.

In the past people have handed in paper cards; however, now individuals can fill in and submit the pledge form below.

This form will be strictly confidential. It will be sent directly to Lisa Renas, our financial administrator. No one else will have access to this information.

In grateful recognition that all my (our) time, treasure(s), and ability(ies) come from God, I (we) gladly join with others in the support of Christ's church.

Name *
Address *
Do you wish to pledge an additional $26.17 per member for the per capita apportionment. This sum is a set amount of money that each congregation pays per member to support the broader mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). *
Would you like to receive numbered envelopes to help you keep track of your pledges? *