Task Force

What are the historical aspects of MPC that you can identify as meaningful and important to continue? Is there anything we have done in the past that you would like to see return?
What are we doing right now that is working well and you'd like to see us continue or strengthen? What are we doing now that you think we could do better or would like to see us change?
What new things would you recommend we look at to remain a growing and healthy church? What do you think the church should be doing five years from now? Do you have a vision for the church?
What needs to occur to get to that place? What is needed from the leadership of the Church to help us get there? What role do you see the individual church members playing in building this future? What role do you see yourself playing?


Discern the future direction of the ministry and life of Memorial Presbyterian Church- in terms of membership, congregational involvement, governance, programs, mission, community involvement, worship forms and staffing requirements.


Commissioned by Pastor Tom and Session.


Planning ahead by evaluating the past, present and future.

Task Force Members

Sally Bowen, Sam Choo, Ellen Curtis, Mark Maxwell, Lee Anne Rice, Pastor Tom, John Wilson, Ray Clement, Amy Jones, Becca Tointon and Scott Withrow