World Missions

MPC has a proud tradition of supporting world missions. For over a century, this church has sponsored missionaries and projects around the world and participated in many short-term mission opportunities. Today our congregation maintains its financial commitment to world missions through several different ventures.



On the last Sunday of every month, children use yellow buckets to collect coins from the congregation. Through our Presbytery of Lake Huron, the money is used for programs that fight hunger at home and abroad. A portion of the money stays here in Midland, a portion stays in our region through the Lake Huron Presbytery, and a portion goes to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Costa Rica. Click to view the Two-Coins-A-Meal brochure.

Blankets +

Blankets +

Church World Service (Blankets +)

MPC works with Church World Service to provide blankets, tents, food, tools, seeds, and other emergency supplies to people in developing countries who have experienced a natural disaster. The funds we collect for Church World Service also supply fresh drinking water, literacy courses, and microcredit training.


PCUSA Collections

MPC participates annually in four mission campaigns sponsored by the PCUSA.


Presbyterian Coffee Project

Equal Exchange coffee, tea, and chocolate are for sale in Mayton Hall every Sunday, or call the church office for a special purchase. By buying your coffee at MPC, you can help protect the environment and sustain small farmer cooperatives in South America through the Presbyterian Coffee Project and Equal Exchange. The coffee is certified organic, meaning that not only is it healthier for you but that farmers and their families can avoid using toxic chemicals on their land. The cooperatives utilize small-scale farmer practices such as terracing, water conservation, manual weeding, and crop diversification –all of which lead to greater soil fertility and reduce erosion. And these cooperatives plant shade trees as opposed to clear-cutting trees in conventional monocrop plantations. This helps to preserve songbird habitat, shield farmers from harmful UV rays, cool the planet, and absorb carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas. All of these techniques help to remedy the extensive landscape degradation and deforestation that has occurred in countries over decades of environmental abuse. We can help coffee farmers use these types of sustainable practices simply by buying this delicious coffee.


ACT Uganda

MPC is heavily invested in an ecumenical project called Agape Community Transformation (A.C.T.) Uganda. This organization unites people in mid-Michigan and an organization of people in the Muko region of southwest Uganda to improve the spiritual, physical, and economic conditions of their communities. Two areas of concentration are the Muko HOPE program, which provides quality care and education for HIV/AIDS orphans, and the Muko Empowerment Project, designed to increase economic opportunities for creating and selling local handcrafts. Some of these goods are sold right here in Midland at a new store called Uniquely Uganda.

Members at MPC not only support ACT Uganda through this store, but also by taking short-term mission trips to Uganda. You can read the blog from past trips by clicking here.


Mission Accomplished

One of our larger projects, the Silliman mission to the Philippines, was underwritten by the Dow family and MPC and was the subject of a recent book, Mission Accomplished, written by our archivist Tawny Nelb.