Memorial Presbyterian Preschool

Memorial Presbyterian Preschool

We know that parents are their child's first teachers. That is why we partner with parents to provide a successful transition from home to preschool, which continues throughout the child's preschool journey. MPP believes that through this partnership, children will thrive in our preschool setting. They are invited into an environment in which they can play, learn, and grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.

Our philosophy of "children learn through their play" is evident in all aspects of our preschool. From the developmentally appropriate classrooms to the structure of classroom schedules, our mission of creating a joy for leaning is noticeable.

Being part of a private/cooperative preschool gives parents access to child development experts through our qualified teachers. We recognize the family as a whole and each part needs to be nurtured and encouraged. At out preschool, parents have an opportunity to know their child's friends and their families. We truly are one big family, supporting not only the child, but also the entire family.

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Private/Cooperative Placement

MPP offers private and cooperative options for children in all classes. Family situations are unique and MPP strives to accommodate each family. When a family chooses a private spot, we are blessed to have outstanding aides assist the teacher. Families that choose a private spot still have the advantage of belonging to a cooperative preschool through fulfilling a school/classroom job. If the cooperative option works for your family, you will assist in the classroom and fulfill a school/classroom job.


Expectations of Private/Cooperative Families

  • Use time, talents, and ideas to contribute to the success of the preschool

  • Assist in the classroom every two to three weeks (cooperative only)

  • Be responsible for an after-class job (board position, play-dough maker, etc.)

  • Attend scheduled mandatory meetings and events (two to three per year)

  • Meet health requirements

  • Pay registration fee and tuition in a timely manner

  • Participate in fund-raisers



At MPP, we help children develop into healthy individuals who can successfully and happily cope with the world and environment within a faith-based setting. We provide a well-rounded program in which learning experiences are provided through hands-on activities in art, music, literature, science, mathematics, dramatic play, motor development, and outdoor activities. We stress the importance of a stimulating environment in which children may safely investigate and explore their surroundings.

The unique qualities of our preschool are:

  • Classes for children ages two through five

  • Private and cooperative preschool options

  • Cooperative preschool philosophy, allowing parent involvement and participation in your child's education

  • On-site fenced-in playground with equipment suitable for preschool-age children

  • Fifty-plus years of award-winning preschool education

  • Extended days available with our Lunch Bunch program

  • Curb-side drop-off and pick-up

  • Developmentally designed curriculum meets state preschool standards (Creative Curriculum, Zoo-phonics, Handwriting Without Tears)

  • Licensed by the State of Michigan - Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

  • Rated by the State of Michigan as a High Quality Preschool


Admission Policy

MPP admits students of any race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin. MPP is licensed by the Michigan Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. MPP is housed inside Memorial Presbyterian Church. We are a multi-denominational preschool that welcomes all children into a warm Christian environment.



School Visits & More Information

You are welcome to visit our facilities and we encourage you to observe our classes. To schedule a visit or to receive more information about MPP, please contact Kristen Triplett at or 989-963-9424.

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Children learn through their play.
— MPP Philosophy