MPC Libraries

The Greenhoe & Rainbow Libraries

MPC Community Library

The Greenhoe and Rainbow Libraries have books of all genres for adults, youth, and children to enjoy.  Located on the second floor of MPC between the steps and Mayton Hall. The Greenhoe and Rainbow libraries are easy to find and available to everyone when the church is open.

Greenhoe Library

The Greenhoe Library

Inside the Greenhoe Library are books of all genres for adults and older youth. You will find Bibles, commentaries, and devotional, inspirational, and reference materials. Also popular are our many novels and recently published nonfiction. Our media includes DVDs, sermons on CD, and magazines found in the hall rack.

Rainbow Library

The Rainbow Library

The Rainbow Library houses our growing collection of children's picture books that enhance faith and biblical knowledge, as well as encourage reading. We have added interesting chapter books for the independent reader. Many of the new selections are found on the hall shelves outside the Rainbow Library. We have an extensive collection of books that have won the Caldecott Award ― from Dorothy Lathrop's Animals of the Bible in 1938 to Chris Raschka's A Ball For Daisy in 2012

Art in the Library

Art in the Library

The Greenhoe Library welcomes you to visit another outstanding Art in the Library exhibit. 

Madeline Morgan painted these pieces for an International Baccalaureate (IB) art class at Midland High School. Her paintings are mostly oil and show her interest in the depth of color and texture.  Her faith based theme features the place that water plays in her work. You may even see the progression of feeling in the representation of the creation.  Madeline is now a freshman at Oakland University and has graciously loaned her art for January through March.

We are grateful to be able to share the work of another talented young artist in our midst.